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How does enzyme affect DNA repair

Things you have to know about Anti-aging supplement MNM.

What is NMN?
Research scholars’ publications pointed out that deacetylase is a special enzyme that controls aging and longevity. There are seven deacetylases in the human body, which control the aging of organs in the whole body. However, these deacetylases are usually inactive, they need to be activated. The role of Nads is to turn on their switches. Ingestion of NMN can be converted into NAD in the body. NMN has proven to have significant anti-aging effects. Besides, researcher has also found that NMN has a significant effect on diabetes, and is even effective for other diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, heart failure, and kidney failure.
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How Does NMN Repair
Damaged DNA?

As you grow older, it is only natural to notice some natural changes to your body. Some scientists believe that old age begins in the cell. Maybe because at old age, your cell gradually loses the ability to automatically repair itself and function properly. During this stage, cells are faced with a shortage of chemicals to complete specific processes to keep you healthy. This is exactly why the body losses its ability to repair damaged DNA.

Ageing can affect your overall health and can increase the risk of developing chronic diseases. For many years, scientists have looked for ways to either treat or slow the effect of ageing on the body. This research has led them to discover NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) - a naturally occurring enzyme present in the cell of every living organism.

It has been discovered that NMN helps the body produce a coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+ is needed by the body to repair damaged DNA. Unfortunately, as you grow older, your body experiences a shortage of NAD+ and NMN, which threatens the chain cycle of DNA repair. Taking an NMN supplement is now considered a viable step to restoring the ageing body to a youthful shape.
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NMN Research
Harvard Professor of Genetics

David Sinclair, a researcher in Harvard University who is best known for his experiments on NMN and anti-aging science, first discovered the anti-aging effect of NMN in 2013. As he continues to make progress in the research, we get a chance to know more about this mysterious substance and how it can greatly affect our future.

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November 08, 2021 The Relationship between NMN and DNA Repair, How It’s Done NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide. NMN is the direct precursor of an