August 31, 2021

 A True Life Experience after Taking NMN for 6 Months

Growing old comes with some natural signs such as lack of energy, poor eyesight, wrinkled skin. After the age of 40, adults become exposed to a higher risk of certain diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Since many years ago, research has been conducted to find a solution that can slow signs of ageing.
Mrs Jane Lookman, a professor in her early 50s who have been passionate about NMN studies, decided to take 800-1000mg of NMN for 6 Months to study the effects on her body. She has been reading about NMN for over four years. In many studies, it has been discovered that NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) levels in our cells reduce with age. Recent studies suggest that increasing NAD levels with NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) increases cellular energy and support youthfulness.

What Is NMN And How Does It Work? 

NMN is a naturally occurring molecule present in the cell of every living organism. NMN plays a crucial role in helping cells produce energy for the body. In action, NMN functions as a key component to increase NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) levels in cells. NAD+ is the next component in the chain process that help cells to perform their function. Research has discovered that having high levels of NAD+ helps the body increase metabolism, repair DNA, and protect against age-related diseases.  NAD+ stimulates important chemical processes such as glycolysis and sirtuin secretion inside our cells. NAD+ also acts as a regulator. This coenzyme can decrease or increase enzyme activity, gene expression, and cell signalling. 
In summary, it is vital for youths and adults must maintain a high level of NAD+ to stay healthy. This requires us to take NMN foods and supplements.
Today, NMN supplements are sold and marketed as NAD+ booster. These supplements are safe, and sufficient evidence supports their efficacy in animal and human experiments. However, most people do not know about NMN supplements yet as their popularity is still growing.

Before The Six Months Trial 

Mrs Jane was already feeling the usual aches and pains of ageing like many adults over 50. However, she works 7 hours 5 days a week and feels a high amount of pressure. Her mental health was normal, and she sleeps about 6 hours a day aside from naps.
She also maintained a healthy eating and physical lifestyle. Her diet plan featured less sugar, less pepper, and no red meat. She took a lot of water every morning and night to stay hydrated. Before this trial, she was not on any medication for the last three months. Mrs Jane noted that she practised moderate exercises every morning even before she turned 50. Although, she had minor knee pain that slowed down her exercise. She personally recorded a blood pressure of 126/84 before the six months trial.

During The Trial 

Mrs Jane divided the 800mg dose into a 400mg morning ration with breakfast and a 400mg evening dose taken with dinner. After three weeks, she increased her daily dose to 1,000mg (500mg each).
·She did not change her exercise load or volume.
·She did not change her diet.
·She did not start taking any other supplements.
·She did not make any other major lifestyle changes.

Expectations During The Trial

The potential benefits of NMN extend to nearly all body systems. NMN plays a critical role in many cellular processes, including DNA repair, cell rejuvenation and increasing energy metabolism.
Many studies have linked the intake of NMN with:
1.Increased insulin sensitivity in diabetes.
2.Improved eye function. Studies suggest that NMN improves retinal function and prevent age-related photoreceptor degeneration.
3.Improved liver function.
4.Improved exercise performance and strength  
5.Reduced kidney damage.
6.Improved skin cell growth and function. NMN protects skin from harmful sunlight and slows skin ageing.
7.Improved mental and psychological wellbeing. 

The Results After The Trial

On the last day of the trial, Mrs Jane noticed that her pulse rate dropped from around 70 per minute to 61 per minute. The NMN supplementation gave her much endurance and energy as her exercise time increased from 1 hour to about 1 hour 45 minutes of active work on the treadmill and the mat. Notably, she felt a much more reduced knee pain during the trial. At the end of six months, the knee pain was almost gone. Her blood pressure reduced slightly to 125/82 showing good signs of heart maintenance.
At night, she discovered that it was quite easier for her to fall asleep and deep. During the six months trial, Mrs Jane noted that she hardly napped except when she needed it. She testified that she felt an energy boost, especially at work and had more strength to stay active while doing her job. As a university teacher, she suffered fatigue due to long hours of reading and mental engagement. However, during the trial period, she noticed her active hours increased gradually as she could do more book works than before.
Her eye condition was another factor that contributed to her fatigue frequent burnout at work. Mrs Jane has suffered a combined defect of Myopia and astigmatism since her high school days. With the track improvement from the NMN supplementation, she noted she could long hours of reading and engage her brain more. This definitely confirms several pieces of research that NMN, by some chance, improves eye health and combats age-related eye degradation.


Mrs Jane felt more energy the most after starting to take NMN supplements. There were significant improvements to fitness, lung function, mood and eye performance as well. To a far extent, Mrs Jane’s experience confirms most research benefits of taking NMN supplements. So, we can rightly conclude that NMN is a safe, affordable and effective supplement for adults who want to return to the strength of their youth. We hope to have successful trials by people who have tried NMN on serious health issues like diabetes and kidney and liver conditions in the near future.      

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